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2-Drum Workstation

Part #: 5117-YE

There’s no need to worry about incidental spills on your factory floor. The 2-Drum Workstation™ is easy to load with a low profile design and optional ramp. Each Workstation™ is designed for stand-alone use or can connect with other Workstations™ for a customized work area.

• Forkliftable when empty.

• Tough, one-piece polyethylene construction that will not rust or corrode.

• Low-profile Workstations™ actually become part of your factory floor, optimizing space for increased safety and efficiency.

• Makes drum loading a snap.

• Large sump capacity catches incidental spills.

• Multi-Purpose Work Ramp™ hooks onto any Workstation™ for easy loading.

• Removable heavy-duty structural foam grates for easy cleaning.

• Rolled-edge design helps resist cracking and warpage.

• Link-Locks create a solid work-space by attaching units.
Part #: 5112-BK

• Tarp protective cover Available.
Part #:

• For optional use with Multi-Purpose Work Ramp.
Part #: 5111-BK



Weight38.2 lbs. / 17.3 kg.

Load Capacity2,000 lbs. / 907.2 kg.

Spill Capacity22 gal. / 83.2 L

Length53 in. / 135 cm.

Width28.5 in. / 72 cm.

Height6 in. / 15 cm.