Hazmat Bonded Pads


CEP's Hazmat aggressive pads (and rolls) are an absolute necessity for any haz mat spill or spill contingency plan!

  • Ideal for wiping up chemical spills.
  • These pads (and rolls) will absorb all liquids from water based fluids to aggressive acids
  • Bonded for tensile strength.
  • Absorb up to 25 times their weight in all liquids
  • Haz Mat Green color stands out as a potentially harmful liquid that spilled.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Also available in HAZMAT YELLOW COLOR!


Part #Description Color Dimensions    Quantity     AbsorbencySkids
UP100    Heavy Weight    Green15" x 17"100/case24 Gallons     36
UEP100 Med Weight Green15" x 17"100/case19 Gallons42
UP200 Economy Weight   Green15" x 17"200/case25 Gallons36
UP50 Heavy Weight Green30" x 30"50/case44 Gallons15
UEP50 Med Weight Green30" x 30"50/case39 Gallons15