Universal Bonded Rolls

The combination of ultrasonic bonding (dimples) and outer layers creates tensile strength ideal for wiping and MRO applications. The universal gray color camouflages oil and grease!

  • Control oversprays and spills with excellent absorbency
  • Keep floors clean, dry, and safe
  • Grunge hiding grey for universal applications
  • Pads & rolls have ultrasonic weld points to keep them fully Intact
  • Pads & rolls are made of meltblown polypropylene fibers
  • Dimpled for added strength
  • Product Sold by net weight
  • 38" widths available
Part #Color      DescriptionDimensionsAbsorptionQuantityPer Skid
 UQ150GrayHeavy Weight30" x 150'50 Gallon1/case18
 UQSR150GrayHeavy Weight15" x 150'50 Gallon2/case18
 UQER150   GrayMed Weight30" x 150'39 Gallon1/case18
 UQESR150   Gray Med Weight15" x 150'39 Gallon2/case18
 UQ288GrayEconomy Weight   30" x 300'54 Gallon1/case18
 UQSR288GrayEconomy Weight15" x 300'54 Gallon1/case18