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DSNATCHER          Drum Snatcher Mechanical Fork Lift Attachment

Gravity-actuated Mechanical Drum Snatcher Attachment is economical and easy to use. This fork lift attachment automatically grasps, then moves, stacks, and palletizes 55-gallon steel-ringed drums (23 inch -24 inch in diameter) by utilizing unique knuckle-gripping system and natural pressure of the loaded drum. To use, the lift truck operator simply approaches the drum, lowers the Drum Snatcher at a slight angle, then lifts. For automatic release, relax the grip and back away. This drum handler is designed for customers with limited drum handling needs. Fork-mounted. The usable fork tube size for the Mechanical Drum Snatcher is 1-5/8 inch x 5-5/8 inch x 16-3/4 inch . 800-lb Load Capacity.