Duck Ponds

Our duck ponds are perfect for projects where storage space is limited. Small enough to fit in a cabinet or store on a shelf, a Duck Pond can hold various drum sizes with ease and affordability. Providing both reliable and reusable secondary containment for oils, fluids, and gasolines; ponds are easy to maneuver and can withstand extreme cold temperatures
to -55˚F/-48˚C.

The uses are endless! For quick response to leaking machines, preventive maintenance, and emergency drips, ponds are the perfect quick-grab item that is rugged and ideal for small areas for rapid deployment.

Duck Ponds are available in various sizes, contain a 4” low-profile sidewall, and are leak tested with an unbeatable ENPAC warranty.

Great for:

• Quick use under leaking vehicles/machines
• Truck/Tractor emergency drips
• A low-sidewall pop-up pool alternative
• Changing oils/fluids
• Protecting bottom surfaces while dispensing
• Performing maintenance on any item that has a spill potential





Part #   Description   Dimensions   Weight   Spill Capacity 
5622-YE   2 x 2 Duck Pond   2' x 2' x 3"  1 lb 10 gal
5623-YE 2 x 3 Duck Pond 2' x 3' x 3" 3 lbs 15 gal
5624-YE 2 x 4 Duck Pond 2' x 4' x 3"  4 lbs 20 gal
5633-YE 3 x 3 Duck Pond 3' x 3' x 3" 5 lbs 22.5 gal
5644-YE 4 x 4 Duck Pond 4' x 4' x 3" 5.5 lbs 40 gal
5646-YE 4 x 6 Duck Pond 4' x 6' x 3" 7 lbs 60 gal