Ground Pads

Protect berms from truck wheels or rough terrain, ENPAC offers the super-tough Ground Padâ„¢. Place under the berm directly on the ground, and it will prevent underside punctures from sharp objects.


Part #         Description
4804-GP  Ground Pad for 4' x 6' Berm
4806-GP  Ground Pad for 6' x 6' Berm
4808-GP  Ground Pad for 8' x 10' Berm
4810-GP  Ground Pad for 10' x 10' Berm
4812-GP  Ground Pad for 12' x 12' Berm
4816-GP  Ground Pad for 16' x 16' Berm
4820-GP  Ground Pad for 10' x 26' Berm
4836-GP  Ground Pad for 12' x 36' Berm
4850-GP  Ground Pad for 15' x 50' Berm
4854-GP  Ground Pad for 14' x 54' Berm
4860-GP  Ground Pad for 12' x 60' Berm
4866-GP  Ground Pad for 15' x 66' Berm
4885-GP  Ground Pad for 14' x 85' Berm