Hard Cover Spill Pallets

ENPAC® is proud to present its newest, greenest, and most economical product line ever! Saving the earth and your wallet, these World’s Best Sellers are now offered in ENPAC® green made from up to 100% Recycled material!

Not only will you meet regulations, but you will exceed your expectations of earth-friendly containment by using this official ENPAC® ECO-Efficient Hardcover & Spillpallet!

Ideal for indoor/outdoor storage of up to two (2) 55-gallon drums. Roll-top design allows for use in limited space or next to buildings where swing-open doors could be a problem. Dual-sided/ rear loadable lockable door! Removable grates for easy cleaning. Optional ramp, ramp extender and drain. Some assembly required.


 Part #Description
4062-ECO2 Drum Hardcover & Spill Pallet No Drain
4062-ECO-D2 Drum Hardcover & Spill Pallet Drain
4064-ECO4 Drum Hardcover & Spill Pallet No Drain
4064-ECO-D4 Drum Hardcover & Spill Pallet Drain