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HazMat Pools



Set-Up Of The Hazmat Pool Takes Seconds.
Part #: 5901-YE

The Hazmat Pool™ is an inexpensive, quick deployment
pool that is small enough to be stored on any truck or
emergency response vehicle. Decontaminate for reuse
or discard according to regulations.

Hazmat Pool™ has excellent puncture abrasion and
chemical resistance along with a –60˚ F cold crack.
With resistance to the widest range of chemicals, and
just seconds to set up, the ENPAC® Hazmat Pool™ is
your answer to decontamination. Optional drain.

Optional drain available (5901-YE-D).

Spill Capacity100 gal. / 378 L

Top Diameter67 in. / 137 cm.

Bottom Diameter74 in. / 152 cm.

Height8 in. / 15 cm.