Oil Only Laminated Pads

These High loft meltblown sorbents are ultrasonically bonded between two layers of lint-free spunbond fabric creating maximum strength and are ideal for heavy spill situations!

Part #Description Color Dimensions    Quantity     AbsorbencySkids
Q100SMS     Heavy Weight    White   15" x 17"100/case24 Gallons     36
QEP100SMS Med Weight White15" x 17"100/case19 Gallons42
Q200SMS Economy Weight   White15" x 17"200/case25 Gallons36
Q50SMS Heavy Weight White30" x 30"50/case44 Gallons15
QEP50SMS Med Weight White30" x 30"50/case39 Gallons15
BBP100SMS   Heavy Weight Blue15" x 17"100/case24 Gallons36
BBEP100SMS  Med Weight Blue15" x 17"100/case19 Gallons42