Laminated Pads

These high-loft meltblown sorbents are ultrasonically bonded between two layers of lint-free spunbond fabric creating maximum strength and are ideal for heavy spill situations!


  • Laminated for maximum strength.  
  • Grime-hiding gray color
  • CEP pure meltblown polypropylene fibers are the most cost-effective absorption technology today
  • These durable, heavy-weight pads absorb not only oil, but coolants, glycols, solvents and even water
  • Zero linting
  • Toughest, most durable sorbent on the market

Part #Description Color Dimensions    Quantity     AbsorbencySkids
UQ100SMS     Heavy Weight    Gray15" x 17"100/case24 Gallons     36
UQEP100SMS Med Weight Gray15" x 17"100/case19 Gallons42
UQ200SMS Economy Weight   Gray15" x 17"200/case25 Gallons36
UQ50SMS Heavy Weight Gray30" x 30"50/case44 Gallons15
UQEP50SMS Med Weight Gray30" x 30"50/case39 Gallons15