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Wheeled Overpack® 95 Salvage Drum

The ENPAC® Wheeled 95-Gallon Poly-Overpack™ is the first mobile one-piece overpack. Completely eliminate the need for a separate dolly to transport the 95-gallon and the 50-gallon polyethylene UN-rated Salvage Drums.

Both 50-Gallon & 95-Gallon units have built-in handles and 6” polyolefin wheels that allow for easy steering through doorways and around any obstacle. With newly enhanced handles for better gripping and ideal for mobile Spill Kits.

Product Code Description 
 OP95-WHEELED 95 gal wheeled 


Top Diameter External31.4 in. / 80 cm.

Top Diameter Internal27.25 in. / 69 cm.

Bottom Diameter External25.75 in. / 65 cm.

Bottom Diameter Internal24.75 in. / 63 cm.

Height Internal47.5 in. / 120 cm.

Height External38.5 in. / 98 cm.

Weight57.7 lbs. / 26.2 kg.

Load Capacity250 lbs. / 113 kg.

Spill Capacity95 gal. / 359.6 L