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PERMA BOOM 24" x 100 '

Containment Uses:  Fuel Docks, Offshore platforms, shipyards, refinery terminals, cargo terminals, dry dock, ferry terminals and marinas.

  • 11' Freeboard
  • 13" Skirt
  • High grade materials resistant to ultraviolet light, marine growth and hydrocarbons.
  • Permanent floating oil spill barrier
  • Heavy duty PVC belting (black)
  • Polyethylene shells (orange)
  • Oil Impervious closed-cell foam
  • Anti-oxidant and ultraviolet protection
  • Standard end connectors-heavy PVC of "universal slide" design
  • True grip flanges
  • Ballast, lead weights affixed to the skirt

OPTIONAL: 18"x100' and 36" x100', or custom sizes available; other end connectors available by special order......yellow or black shells available for special order.

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