• Red Z Product Line
  • Red Z Product Line

Red Z Product Line





  • Quick and easy clean-up and containment of body fluid spills. High absorption ratio, superior gel strength and excellent fluid retention. Contains chlorine.

    CEP-RZ-41101 Red-Z 5 oz Shaker Top Bottle   24/cs

  • CEP-RZ-41102 Red-Z 11 oz Shaker Top Bottle  12/cs
  • CEP-RZ-41103 Red-Z 15 oz Shaker Top Bottle 12/cs
  • CEP-RZ-41115 Red-Z 3.5 lb Bulk Bucket 
  • CEP-RZ-41116 Red-Z 17.5 lb Bulk Bucket
  • CEP-RZ-41220 Red-Z 50 lb Bulk Drum