Full Facepiece Respirator, Half Facpiece Respirator and Disposable Respirators.

Part # Description Size     Case Qty
6100 Half Face, Reusable SM 24
6200 Half Face, Reusable MD 24
6300 Half Face, Reusable LG 24
6700 Full Face, Reusable SM 4
6800 Full Face, Reusable MD 4
6900 Full Face, Reusable LG 4

6000 Series Reusable Respirator offers the user comfort and convenience and cost savings. Use 3M Filters  and cartridges.

Part # Description Size    Case Qty 
5203 Half Face Disposable MD 12
5303 Half Face Disposable LG  12

Half Face Disposable Respirator has Organic Vapor/Acid Gas respiratory protection.