SOLID-A-SORB    100% Granular Diatomite Absorbent

  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Landfill Disposal
  • Passes TCLP and LRT  Test
  • Absorbs More Liquid Than the Competition
  • Uses Less Absorbent, Saving Time and Money
  • Ideal for High Viscosity Liquids, Bioremediation, Waste Solidification and Much more
  • Packaged in 25 lb. Plastic Bags

Oil Absorption % by Weight, 120

No. of Quarts of Oil absorbed per Bag, 15.7

No. of lbs. of Solid-A-Sorb to Absorb 1 qt. of Oil, 1.6

Density lbs./cu.ft., 27.0

80 bags/pallet

Solid-A-Sorb is non-corrosive and non-reactive in acids (except hydrofluoric acid), making it safe for handling around products and equipment.