Top Selling Products

New to distributing environmental products?  The CEP team has put together a "Best of" Series which highlights our most popular products.  Spanning across all of our lines, these "must have" products are essential to environmental and safety distributors.  You can't go wrong using any of these products as a starting point!

  P100    R144  
 The Oil Only Pad that started it all.  A staple for all environmental distributors  The standard oil only roll for market.   
  PS12   PIL10  
 3"x 4' Oil Only Absorbent Sock.   Oil Only Sorbent Pillows 
  UQ100  B510 B510/B810 
 General Purpose sorbent pads 100/case  5" and 8" Sorbent Boom.  The preferred product of all spill contractors for marine applications 
  UQ150   GS4 
 General Purpose sorbent roll 30" x 150'  General Purpose Socks 3" x 4' 
  UP100   UR150 
 HazMat Sorbent Pads 100/cs  HazMat Sorbent Roll 30" x 150' 
  5 Gallon Spill Kits   95 Gallon Spill Kits 
 Any variety will work!  A must have for workstations 
 Truck Spill Kits  
 Wheeled Spill Kits 
 Our #1 Selling Spill Kit  Perfect for taking your kits mobile! 
  DLIN55-6EQ    Drain Protectors 
 6 Mil Drum Liners.    Fast spill protection for drains 
  Cheetah Sorb   MicroBlaze 
 Environmentally friendly granular.  The #1 Firefighting product for handling oil and their by products. 
 OP95EN Enpac 95 Gallon Overpack   8091 Drums Up 
 The standard for all overpacks!  A must have!  The essential single drum containment. 
   Enpac WorkStations   Enpac Spill Pallets 
 Choose 2,4,6 or 8 drum  Perfect for every shop! 
  Containment Boom   Snare/Pom Poms 
 6" Float and 12" skirt in 100' sections is the standard (CB18-100)  Both on a rope or loose, snare is the #1 product for rock/shoreline clean up. 
  Combo Safety Cabinets    Type I Safety Cans 
 Fill Safety cabinets with Safety Cans.  A best seller.  Purchase with a  funnel or without. 


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