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CEP-1PMP Plug ‘N Dike, Premix 1/ lb  5/cs

  • Plug ‘n’ Dike, an emergency leak sealant material, is available as either a pre mixed putty (to be applied directly to a leak) or in a dry granular form which forms a putty when mixed with water!

Pour out a dike of the dry, granular Plug N Dike and spray the surface with water. It immediately contains the spill and protects adjacent areas. The dry Plug N Dike can also be mixed with water to form a paste to plug leaks!


Spill Control – Plug N Dike seals off fuels, solvents and many other chemicals. Plug N Dike seals immediately and sticks to dirty, crumpled surfaces even with the fluid flowing out. No surface preparation is required.

Plug Dike Patch – Plug N Dike is a nontoxic, nonflammable blend of high absorption polymers in a blended bentonite base that forms an immediate seal. It has been used for over 18 years by fire departments, transportation companies and industrial operations.

April 28, 2020 3:50 pm