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The Worldwide Leader In Large, Aggressive And Immediate Spill Response.

ENPACÕs Snap-Up Stinger Bermª leads the industry with its wide range of sizes and capacities for large-scale spill containment.

This Stinger Bermª features excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain. Ground Pad and TrackMat provide additional protection.


Part #   Description   Dimensions  
4804-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 4 4’x6’x12″
4806-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 6   6’x6’x12″
4810-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 10  10’x10’x12″
4860-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 60 12’x60’x12″
4850-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 50 15’x50’x12″
4866-BK-SU  Stinger Berm 66 15’x66’x12″


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¥ Easy to assemble snap-up design permits immediate response

¥ Compact storage and transport

¥ Air-lance tested containment welds for maximum product performance

¥ Lap joint welds for maximum strength

¥ Individual serial numbers

¥ CAD designed and cut components

¥ Fuel/chemical resistant containment area

¥ Custom sizes and special materials available

Options include:
¥ Ground Pad
¥ TrackMat
¥ Storage & Transport Bag
¥ Bazooka Trickle Filter & Installation Kit

Click Here for our customization form.rge-scale spill containment.

Product Options:
Berm Repair Kitª

Dripillow Berm – Medium

Dripillow Berm – X-Large

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