Emerald Super Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

  • All purpose cleaner degreaser concentrate
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable, no VOC’s
  • Mild pH, no butyls, no bleach, no ammonia, non-abrasive
  • Economical concentrate, water based, biodegradable
  • Safe alternative to harsh chemicals and solvents
  • Powerful and quick. Cuts through grease, soot, grime
  • Rinses easily, leaving no residues-or wipe dry
  • Non-toxic to microbes used in waste water treatment
  • Reduces health and environmental related liabilities
Part #Description 
EMERALD-5 5 gallon pail Request a Quote
EMERALD-55 55 gallon drum Request a Quote
EMERALD-BULK 275 gallon tote Request a Quote