Tanker Tourniquets

Stop Leaks From Overturned Tanker Trucks, RailCars And Other Large Vessels.

  • Accidents, punctures and corrosion are facts of life. With a Tanker Tourniquet, however, you can minimize environmental damage, protect lives and save the load.
  • These simple devices expand a chemical-resistant, flexible bladder to quickly stop potentially dangerous and costly spills.

Description :

  • 8 magnets, spark resistant assembly
  • For use with ferrous vessels
  • Pressure Pump included
  • Stainless steel backing plate
  • EPDM sealing bladder.  Chemical compatibility guide available upon request
Part #Description Dimensions  
2000Tanker Tourniquet15 3/4″ x 32 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ Request a Quote