Hose Containment

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Bibb™

Part #4701

Safely wrap quick-disconnect fittings or other hose attachment ends to absorb small leaks when disconnecting hoses from industrial equipment.
Integrated internal sorbent allows for containment up to 1 pint of oil, hydraulic fluid, or other hydrocarbons. Tether closure system holds the unit around the hose and fitting. Units are made of rugged and chemically resistant material.  Lightweight and made in high visibility yellow 

Drip Sentinel™ Hose Wraps

Sentinel Hose Wraps

Does your industrial hose or fitting have a leak? Contain it and prevent costly leaks and spills that can cause injuries to your workers with the ENPAC® Hose Wrap. Made of rugged and chemically resistant material and an integrated sorbent pad.

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