Oil Only Absorbent Boom


The choice product of spill contractors for decades, CEP 5″ and 8″ oil absorbent booms are a necessity for cleaning up oil spills.  In providing over 10,000,000 feet of 5″ oil spill absorbent boom (B510) during the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis in 2010, CEP 5″ became the standardized product across the oil spill clean up industry.

ProductDescriptionDimensionsQuantityAbsorbencyPer Skid
 B5105″ Oil Only Sorbent Boom  5″ x 10′4/case32 Gallons20
 B8108″ Oil Only Sorbent Boom    8″ x 10′          4/case       70 Gallons     16
  • Provides containment & maximum absorption while repelling water
  • Absorbs oil on land or water even when raining
  • Will not sink even if the boom is saturated
  • Comprised of anti-shed or non-lint netting
  • Overlapping clips for deployment in any length
  • Embedded rope for easy deployment and retrieval in water
  • Ideal uses include wastewater troughs, loading docks, ponds, rivers, and oceans to absorb oily spills


Product   Description                         Dimensions     Quantity   Absorbency     Per Skid
B520Oil Only Sorbent Boom5″ x 20′2/case32 Gallons20
DB510Oil Only Sorbent Boom5″ x 10′2/case64 Gallons10
B5200Oil Only Sorbent Boom5″ x 200′1/case110 Gallons1
B820Oil Only Sorbent Boom   8″ x 20′2/case70 Gallons16
B840Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 40′2/case70 Gallons15
B805Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 5′8/case70 Gallons16
B815Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 15′4/case70 Gallons16
B8100Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 100′1/case238 Gallons  1
B8185Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 185′1/case334 Gallons1
B8200Oil Only Sorbent Boom8″ x 200′1/case356 Gallons1
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