95 Gallon & Larger Specialty Drums

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Did you know?  A qualified Salvage Drum meets or exceeds the key features defined in Department of Transportation Regulation 49 CFR 173.3 in the following critical ways:

  • Meets or exceeds UN performance requirements and is marked for Packing Group 1.
  • Passes a 3 psi pressure test.
  • Is marked with the specific words “salvage” or “salvage drums”.
  • Passes extensive Drop and Stack testing.

Part #Description
OP95EN Poly-Overpack 95 Salvage Drum
OP95-1690 Eagle 95 Gallon Overpack
OP95EG Eagle 95 Gallon Salvage Drum
OP110 Poly-Overpack 110 Salvage Drum
OP600 Poly-Overpack 600 Overpack Drum
OP180EN Poly-Overpack 180T Overpack Drum

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