Complete Environmental Products (CEP) wants to assist you in any way possible to understand and comply with Regulatory Agency mandates.  Take your time and browse through this section or call us at 800-444-4237 to offer our assistance. 

Sorbent Chemical Compatibility Guide
Search through this list of common industrial/household liquids to see which type of sorbent best fits your specific need.

7 Steps to Spill Response
Industry leaders have drawn up 7 steps to help responders clean up oil spills. Make you and your staff familiar with these 7 basic clean up tips.

Regulatory Agency Information
We’ve referenced several regulations on this page as well as provided you with information regarding several environmental and safety regulatory agencies.

Technical/Safety Data Sheets
Call CEP at 800-444-4237 or email us at to get the latest technical and/or safety data sheets on all of our CEP products.

Product Comparisons
Two new Biax machines with dual drum capability allow us to produce the finest sorbent materials in the marketplace. Click on the link to see how CEP stacks up to industry competitors.