Cheetah Sorb


Give your oil absorbent “Cheetah Power!”

Cheetah Sorb – The Only Industrial Floor Oil Absorbent You’ll Need!

TS20 Cheetah Sorb Absorbent (20LB Bag)

Many new oil absorbent technologies have come and gone. The #1 reason for market failure is simple: PRICE!

Traditional clay based absorbents are dusty, dirty, absorb very little, and have respiratory drawbacks, for the low price of the bag.

Introducing CHEETAH SORB! The first new oil absorbent that is dust-free, highly absorbent, incinerable, and priced like floor dry! Cheetah Sorb even looks like floor absorbent, without the harmful silica. Don’t make price be the reason you handle the most cost consuming absorbent in the market. Lower your handling costs and get the power of the “Cheetah” at kitty litter prices!

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