Hazmat Laminated Pads


CEP’s Hazmat aggressive pads (and rolls) are an absolute necessity for any hazmat spill or spill contingency plan.  These High Loft meltblown sorbents are ultrasonically bonded between two layers of lint-free spunbond fabric creating maximum strength and are ideal for heavy spill situations.

  • Ideal for wiping up chemical spills
  • Can be used as a hazmat rag
  • These pads (and rolls) will absorb all liquids from water based fluids to aggressive acids
  • Bonded for tensile strength.
  • Absorb up to 25 times their weight in all liquids
  • Hazmat Green color stands out as a potentially harmful liquid that spilled.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Also available in HAZMAT YELLOW COLOR!
Part #Description Color Dimensions Quantity AbsorbencySkids 
UP100SMS     Heavy Weight    Green15″ x 17″100/case24 Gallons   36Request a Quote
UEP100SMS Med Weight Green15″ x 17″100/case19 Gallons42Request a Quote
UP200SMS Economy Weight   Green15″ x 17″200/case25 Gallons36Request a Quote
UP50SMS Heavy Weight Green30″ x 30″50/case44 Gallons15Request a Quote
UEP50SMS Med Weight Green 30″ x 30″50/case39 Gallons15Request a Quote