Information provided with respect to CEP products is based on testing and data believed to be accurate; however, the reliability of that information is not guaranteed. All sizes in this catalog are nominal. Pad thickness is measured at time of manufacture and used for comparative reasons.


Fluids absorbed by CEP products will not be rendered less hazardous, less toxic, or less flammable and, when absorbed, will remain in their original state. Therefore, handle, store, and dispose of CEP products after use with the same caution as you would the original fluid. Products must be disposed of in compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations. Because various fluids absorbed may be of a toxic or hazardous nature, CEP does not recommend disposal procedures.

Exclusion of Warranties.

CEP products are sold without implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, and excluding all other warranties, expressed or implied.


CEP is not liable for damages of any type (whether direct, consequential, incidental or special) arising out of or in connection with, the manufacture, sale, delivery, handling or any other use of CEP products. CEP’s only obligation is to replace any CEP product proved to be defective.