Grounding Wires & Cables

Ideal for creating a static resistant setting for transfer of fluids from all metal containers and tanks.

Part #Description  
CLAMP-GATPAlum. plier clamp with releaseRequest a Quote
CLAMP-G40PGrounding clamp with releaseRequest a Quote
GRDGCLAMP-REBGround clampRequest a Quote
C-CLAMP-EP-1C-clamp for 3/4″ openingRequest a Quote
C-CLAMP-EP-2C-clamp for 2 1/2″ openingRequest a Quote
C-CLAMP-EP-3C-clamp for 1 1/2″ openingRequest a Quote
GRDGASSY-R1(2) REB Grounding clampsRequest a Quote
CABLEREEL-R20Cable reel with 20′ cable and REB ClampRequest a Quote
RETACLMP-10Retract-A-Clamp,10′ of cable and REB clampRequest a Quote
RETRACLAMP-10-2Retract-A-Clamp, 10′ of cable and (2) REB clampsRequest a Quote