Poly Socks

CEP’s polypropylene socks are ideal for oil spill control, skimming oil off water, and for oil spill cleanup!

Try our CEP BEST SELLER PS12!  Click on the image or here for PS12 product details!

Product #    DescriptionDimensions    Quantity     Absorbency      Per Skid
PS10Oil Only Sock3″ x 10′4/case18 Gallons35
PS10-12Oil Only Sock3″ x 12′10/case50 Gallons12
PS12Oil Only Sock      3″ x 48″12/case22 Gallons35
PS20Oil Only Sock3″ x 20″20/case15 Gallons35
PS30Oil Only Sock3″ x 48″30/case58 Gallons12
PS40Oil Only Sock3″ x 48″40/case66 Gallons12
PS8Oil Only Sock3″ x 8′5/case18 Gallons35
PS2Oil Only Sock3″ x 2′80/case28 Gallons12
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