Oil Only Meltblown Rolls

CEP Meltblown Rolls provide you with an easy and convenient way to clean up oily messes.  Simply roll out one of our Oil Only rolls and let the product go to work.  Great for cleaning up a spill as well as laying product out for preventative measures.  

CEP has a variety of oil only sorbents for all your industrial maintenance needs!

Part #Description  DimensionsAbsorbencyQuantityPer Skid 
 R144    Heavy Weight    30″ x 150′     50 Gallons     1/case        18Request a Quote
 SR144    Heavy Weight15″ x 150′50 Gallons2/case18Request a Quote
 ER144Med Weight30″ x 150′39 Gallons1/case18 Request a Quote
 ESR144Med Weight15″ x 150′39 Gallons2/case18Request a Quote
 LR144Economy Weight   30″ x 150′30 Gallons1/case24Request a Quote
 SLR144   Economy Weight15″ x 150′30 Gallons2/case24Request a Quote