Stinger Spillpal

When time and space are important to on-the-job containment of leaks and spills, ENPAC’s Removable Foam Spillpal™ will come to the rescue!

Available in standard and custom sizes, ENPAC® ensures the right Berm for every containment need. 4.5” foam sidewalls increase versatility with sturdy construction and a drive in and out feature; Keeping the job moving while not sacrificing safety or compliance. The sidewall design incorporates high strength connectors and a two way air relief system that facilitates automatic entry/exit without assistance.

User-friendly removable logs provide excellent protection from harsh chemicals and liquids while keeping storage and freight space to a minimum!

Heavy Duty

Economy Stinger Spill Pal Sizes and Part Numbers

Part #Description  Dimensions Weight  Sump Ground Pad #  TracMat# 
4901-YE  12′ x 15′12′ x 15′ x 4.5″  47 lbs505 gal  4901-GP4901-TM  Request a Quote
4902-YE12′ x 20′12′ x 21′ x 4.5″56 lbs707 gal4902-GP4902-TMRequest a Quote
4903-YE12′ x 30′12′ x 33′ x 4.5″84 lbs 1,110 gal4903-GP4903-TMRequest a Quote
4904-YE12′ x 40′12′ x 39′ x 4.5″112 lbs1,310 gal  4904-GP4904-TMRequest a Quote
4905-YE12′ x 50′12′ x 51′ x 4.5″ 140 lbs1,715 gal4905-GP4905-TMRequest a Quote
4906-YE12′ x 60′12′ x 63′ x 4.5″168 lbs2,121 gal4906-GP4906-TMRequest a Quote

Standard Stinger Spillpal Sizes and Part Numbers

Part #  Description  Dimensions  Weight  Sump  Ground Pad #  TracMat#
4901-BK  12′ x 15′12′ x 15′ x 4.5″  58 lbs505 gal  4901-GP4901-TMRequest a Quote
4902-BK 12′ x 20′ 12′ x 21′ x 4.5″70 lbs707 gal4902-GP4902-TMRequest a Quote
4903-BK12′ x 30′12′ x 33′ x 4.5″ 105 lbs1,110 gal  4903-GP4903-TMRequest a Quote
4904-BK12′ x 40′12′ x 39′ x 4.5″140 lbs1,310 gal4904-GP4904-TMRequest a Quote
4905-BK12′ x 50′ 12′ x 51′ x 4.5″175 lbs1,715 gal4905-GP4905-TMRequest a Quote
4906-BK12′ x 6012′ x 63′ x 4.5″210 lbs2,121 gal4906-GP4906-TMRequest a Quote

Heavy Duty Stinger Spillpal Sizes and Part Numbers

Part #  Description  Dimensions  Weight  Sump  Ground Pad #  TracMat# 
4901-TN  12′ x 15′12′ x 13′ x 4.5″ 61 lbs438 gal  4901-GP4901-TMRequest a Quote
4902-TN12′ x 20′12′ x 19′ x 4.5″75 lbs640 gal4902-GP4902-TMRequest a Quote
4903-TN12′ x 30′12′ x 30′ x 4.5″112 lbs1,010 gal  4903-GP4903-TMRequest a Quote
4904-TN12′ x 40′12′ x 41′ x 4.5″150 lbs1,380 gal4904-GP4904-TMRequest a Quote
4905-TN12′ x 50′ 12′ x 52′ x 4.5″185 lbs1,750 gal4905-GP4905-TMRequest a Quote
4906-TN12′ x 60′12′ x 63′ x 4.5″ 223 lbs2,121 gal4906-GP4906-TMRequest a Quote