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Nature’s Way HS (hydrocarbon solutions) is listed by the U.S. EPA on the NCP product schedule as a surface washing agent and approved for use in California by SCAQMD.  It is an aqueous cleaner developed to safely and quickly remove hydrocarbons from any surface, including soil and water.  A unique blend of proprietary non-ionic surfactants, HS easily emulsifies and encapsulates flammable or combustible liquids of any viscosity, effectively reducing or eliminating VOC’s and chance of ignition.

Available in 55 gallon drum (NW55) and Bulk (275 gallon tote)

Weight: 8.34 lbs./gallon

DOT shipping label not required

Coverage: 200 to 2000 sq. ft. (neat) per gallon, depending on hydrocarbon type and condition, targeted level of VOC reduction and desired speed of bioremediation.

PH – approx. 8.9

Temperature limits: 32 deg. F to 220 deg. F

Areas for use: Concrete, asphalt, shorelines, grass, marshlands, metal, water, soil, wood.

Tools for application: Manual or automatic sprayers, pressure washers, foaming systems/nozzles, mops.



April 28, 2020 4:30 pm