Dandy Bag

Dandy Bag patented flagship bag is designed to take a lot of hard knocks.  Use with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter out the sludgy sediment-laden storm water.

Dandy Bag comes in many sizes.

Get Maximum Benefits with Dandy

  • Unique, patented design keeps silt, sediment, and debris out of storm systems 
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to flush or clean inlets 
  • Fabricated from a highly visible orange monofilament geotextile so it can be seen in any weather 
  • Sizes built to fit any inlet in any municipality 
  • Very easy to install, maintain, inspect 
  • Can be re-used



Part #  Description
DBAG-2319 23"x19"
DBAG-2424 24"x24"
DBAG-2626 26"x26"
DBAG-2828 28"x28"
DBAG-3030 30"x30"
DBAG-3620 36"x20"
DBAG-3624 36"x24"
DBAG-3636 36"x36"
DBAG-4024 40"x24"
DBAG-4228 42"x28"
DBAG-4824 48"x24"
DBAG-4836 48"x36"
DBAG-23 23" Round
DBAG-24 24" Round
DBAG-28 28" Round
DBAG-36 36" Round
DBAG-39 39" Round
DBAG-26 26" Beehive


Dandy Bag