Dandy Pop

Dandy Pop is designed for use with flat field grates to filter sediment-laden water and pops up in seconds.  The Dandy Pop fully encloses the grate, eliminating sediment infiltration.


Dandy Pop comes in three sizes.

Get Maximum Benefits with Dandy

  • Superior patented design keeps silt, sediment, and debris out of storm system
  • Easily visible to machine operators in field
  • Pops open in a second
  • Unique dome design provides easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fabricated from easy-to-see safety orange and black monofilament geotextile
  • Standard sizes to fit any grate
Part # Description
DANDYPOP-30 30"x30"
DANDYPOP-40 40"x40"
DANDYPOP-50 50"x50"