Drain Protector Original

Color: Yellow top/Orange bottom

Custom sizes available. Call for quote.

A tacky surface creates a positive seal that stops chemical spills every time.

Chemically Resistant

The urethane Drain Protector is compatible for use with a wider range of chemicals and substances than rubbers and plastics. Often more suitable when coming into contact with certain solvents, oils and chemicals. Plus, it's environmentally safe.


A unique engineering process allows the Drain Protector to be heavy enough to seal, yet light enough to be portable and easy-to-use.


After using, simply wash the urethane Drain Protector, replace its plastic film, roll it (yellow side up) on its tube, and return the tube to the container. The Drain Protector is tough enough to stand up to repeated use.


Part # Description
DC-18YO 18"x18"
DC-24YO 24"x24"
DC-36YO 36"x36"
DC-48YO 48"x48"
DC-42YO 42"x42"