Neutralizers & Gels



Effectively neutralizes & adsorbs:  alkaline and caustic spills including potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and other alkaline industrial cleaners.

NEUTA1 40 lb. fill weight, 5 gal. pail, Base neutralizer

NEUT-BASE-2   2 lb Shaker  12/case

Effectively neutralizes and adsorbs:  sulfuric hydrochloric, phosphoric and nitric acid spills.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HYDROFLOURIC ACID!

NEUTB1 40 lb. fill weight, 5 gal. pail, Acid neutralizer

NEUT-ACID-2  2.5 lb Shaker  12/case

CHEMCLASS  Chemical Classifier Chart and six test strips

PH50  PH Paper 1/2" x 50' Roll   0-13 Range