Poly Tank Containment Units

The Poly-Tank Containment Unit will help protect against hazardous and costly spills. It boasts a large sump which saves space an provides easy access to the tank and pumps. The Poly-Tank Containment Unit prevents harmful oil spills from contaminating your yard.  Available in 275 Gallon or 550 Gallon models.


Part #DescriptionDimensions
5275-BKPoly Tank Containment Unit 275 Gallon 82.25" x 45" x  35.75"
5275-TARP     Tarp for CEP 5275-BK 
5550-BKPoly Tank Containment Unit 550 Gallon 113" x 71" x 32"
5550-TARPTarp for CEP 5550-BK