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Bio Desolv™ is a high flash point natural cleaning compound for tar, asphalt and heavy foulage.  It is formulated with a high flash point environmentally friendly solvent and special surfactants selected to provide maximum rinse ability without creating oil carry through problems in the waste water treatment system. Bio Desolv™ is an amber yellow to light yellow non-corrosive liquid with a slight odor.

Bio Desolv™ should be applied with non-atomizing spray cleaning equipment, followed by thorough rinsing with water or a good quality detergent using a foam applicator or hot pressure washing system.

  • biodegradable natural degreaser
  • excellent cleaner for difficult oily surfaces as well as tar and asphalt
  • easy to use, easy to pour 5 gallon bucket
  • also available in 55 gallon drums and bulk totes