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Drip Sentinelâ„¢ Hose Wraps

Part #: 4702-YE

Does your industrial hose or fitting have a leak? Contain it and prevent costly leaks and spills that can cause injuries to your workers with the ENPAC® Hose Wrap. Made of rugged and chemically resistant material and an integrated sorbent pad.

Three other sizes also available to fit most applications from 1.5" to 10".

Part #     Description Dimensions
4702-YE     Hose Wrap Fits 1.5" - 3" Hose
4704-YE Hose Wrap       Fits 4" - 5" Hose
4706-YE Hose Wrap Fits 6" - 8" Hose
4710-YE Hose Wrap Fits 10" Hose