Granular Absorbents & Neutralizers

Complete Environmental Products carries a variety of Granular Absorbent products.  Whatever type of liquid you are looking to absorb, CEP has the correct granular product for each and every application.  These granular products will soak up oils, chemicals and even dirty water.  Always in stock and ready to ship, CEP has the right granular product for you and your customers.  We can even ship in truckload!  Call today!  1-800-444-4237 (4CEP)


 Cheetah Sorb  Peat Moss  Anti-Slip/Volcanic Ash        Opti Sorb  
      Floor Dry           Clean B    Ensorb Absorbent      Ensorb Degreaser
   M.A.X Dri    Xtrasorb       Oil Gator             Kenaf Absorbent
 Porta-Sorb Dispenser    Plug N Dike Cellulose & Vermiculite  Neutralizers & Gels
 Neutralizing Granulars