Hazmat Pillows

CEP's universal hazmat line of booms, pillows, and socks are ideal for containing and absorbing spills of any liquid!



  • An absolute necessity for any haz mat spill or spill contingency plan
  • Contain drips and leaks absorbing any liquid.
  • Socks and booms come in a variety of sizes
  • All products are color coded in haz mat orange
  • Absorbs up to 25 times their weight in fluid

    Part #DescriptionDimensionsQuantityAbsorbencyPer skid
     HAZPIL10HAZMAT PILLOW18" X 24" X 3" 10/CS40 GAL35
     HAZPIL17  HAZMAT PILLOW  16" X 18" X 3"   17/CS44 GAL         35
     HAZPIL18-16  HAZMAT PILLOW18" X 18" X 2"16/CS42 GAL35
     HAZPIL1818HAZMAT PILLOW18" X 18" X 3"16/CS45 GAL35
     HAZPIL9-32HAZMAT PILLOW9" X 9"X  2"32/CS24 GAL35
     HAZPIL10-24HAZMAT PILLOW18" X 24" X 3"24/CS40 GAL35